Floor Installation

Wooden floor installation is more than just laying down beautiful pieces of wood – it requires careful execution and for the provider to do a job thoroughly done. Apart from making sure that we use the best quality material available, we take into account a number of factors to ensure you get only the best quality floor installation. Here are a few things we take extra care about:

  • We make sure to measure the moisture content when we install timber floors so that the level of moisture is neither too much or too less. If the moisture content is not taken into account, it could result in gaps, cracks and other similar damage to your floor as it is exposed to varying climatic conditions.
  • We make sure that the sub floor, that is, the floor beneath your wooden flooring is properly prepared, cleaned and made ready for wooden floor installation. This is pertinent otherwise; your wooden floor could be subjected to squeaks, cracks or loosening of wooden planks.
  • We make sure all wooden planks are professionally laid out and that the layout allows for natural expansion and contraction of wood without causing much harm to your floor. We plan ahead to identify and cater for areas and corners in your room that may become a problem during floor installation.
  • We plan our racking properly as well so the room has an even and smooth flowing look. For example, we make sure that the aesthetic appeal of your room is not ruined by having a dark coloured wooden plank fixed amongst lighter coloured ones. We also try our best that all planks are equally sized and there is less variation so that your room gets an even and uniform look.
  • We make sure to fix your floor with enough nails so that it is taut and well fastened, making it more durable and resistant to wear and tear.

We take special care and give special attention to the finishing details of our floor installation because the final look is what will create the greatest impact. Good cleaning of the surface and a smooth coat of polish will make your floor sheen!

Just as we expertly lay down wooden floors, we are the ones you can turn to whenever you require any kind of floor repairs. Although timber floors are quite sturdy and durable, the best way to ensure their life longevity is to take care of their repair and maintenance. A few common reasons why your flooring could require repairs include:

  • Loosening of the planks due to the natural expansion and contraction of wood
  • Cracks or scratches due to usage
  • Faded surfaces or discoloration due to exposure to the sun and daily wear and tear
  • Squeaks in the floor
  • Appearance of uneven surfaces due to usage
  • Stains from dropped substances during usage

We have the knowledge, the material and the expertise to perform all kinds of wooden floor installations and repairs in Melbourne. So give us a call at J’s Magic Floors and we will be with you to gather your requirements and begin working on your property!